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correction for boerd poost

I'm mesnt to say I was now on welbutrin and antidepressent that many say causes yu to lose weight


Well I've ben eating like a rabbit I'm not on welbutrin heard that makes some people lose wieght and I'm trying relicore I just wush this antidepressent would start working already
Don't knoew if I've lost any weight.. I can't stand not knowing
I'm hoping I lose 10 by the end of the month I losrt 10 last month. I'm so stressed out
On top of it all I'm going on vacation soon byt that might be a disaster as well
I'm going to be in bad company grr "3s a crowd" but whatever I feel like
This is gonbna be my only way out for a while.. I might as well take it and enjoyit. I'm so pissed my
Bf is alwa)s texting n no one evere aims or text me..i need friends!I feel like such a loser
Good new is I got my kids out for a little even tho we can. Inside coverd in bug bites and
My two oldest werew fighting over every toy I felt good getting them out
So they wouldn't feel so trapped. Me on the other hand came in ready to die
ly to get a phone call to cook after I cooked. Q really good meal..its whatever
One day my prince will come..I guess every little girl still dreams it..ahhh if only it were


i hate him

I hate him god.. Why does he do these things to me. Coming
Home fucked up from work while all day I've been home stressing
With the kids. Now cause he comes home ns like what yu have a new boyfriend
Omg r u kidding me why r men such duchebags! I'm mad cause its like it doesn't matter
That I've been trapped with the kids suffering while he's "working" getting drunk
Whatever! F*** that I wish the tables could turn sometimes
N he can feel how I do..


Where can I go to weigh myself.. They took away my scale i need it sooo bad. I think im gonna buy one and hide it.. I wonder how much they cost.


For me its just getting worse im losing no weight number one, number two ive been bleeding for days on this new birth control like almost 2 weeks...then me and my bf r fighting all the time latley god i feel so trapped.. i have three kids and do nothing but stay home with them but my homes not even a home its a room becaues were renovating i just wish thing would get better.. i want my family to be happy. im always so depressed..why cat i be happy nemore

5 day fast

I've had maybe 100 to 300 cals a day and have been super sick and haven't lost a pound I'm still at 140. What's wrong should I do an enema or take water pills

i need helpl please

I'm on day 3 of my fast I'm coughing in feel like throwing up what am I doign wrong
I haven't been drinkin tons of water but now if I even look at food I want to throw up
What's goingon with my body help what can I do


Did my 2 day fast wanted toi go 5 days but I failed
I ate the chikcne from inside a burrito yyyuuukkk n 4 plain nachos
I want to cry I hate that I ruined it all I'm not eatting tomorrow
I don't want ro be fat I want to do a 28 day fast if I did that I could make my goal
Weight I'm 142lbs probley less since that was before the fast
If I did the 28 day I might get dwn to 114 which is my gw2 I'd be pretty happy
Then I mmy next goals 100lbs wish me luck

i did it

So I sorta did my first fast I had like 3 bits of my bfs chicken patty at lunch becaues he made me and adiet soda
But that's it all day from 6 to 12 I think that counts as a fast lol what do yu think oo n my work out was painting half of a ceiling
Wonder if I burned off those 3 bites and diet soda..wish I had a scale wonder what I weigh
I am starving tho omg yu have no idea but my hubbys coming home soon and has something that gonns
Take that hunger away I hope. I can wait till like 2:30 its 1:30 now so I just about an hour unless he's late
I hope he's not cause I'm ready to break ooh wait after 12 I did have a weight watchers carrot cake 100 cals but it
Doesn't count cause it was after 12 lmao I think it was pretty good conseidering it was my first
Fast in a long time.. Do yu think it counts as a fast? What do yu consider a fast? And did I do it ? How much weight can
You lose doing a fast for a day? And what the longest n most weight you've klost fasting?

Finally home

Joining the gym n fasting for all the damage ive done lol